Art and Soul Gallery



Run by Tomas and Kristine Ritchie, the renowned Art and Soul Gallery adds another element of surprise for the Costa Ricans, with an intention to celebrate and add more color to the lives of the local people as well as the tourists and the surfers, who like to experience arts of different kinds and variations. The gallery is situated in the village of Santa Teresa, near a beautiful white sand beach that provides a positive inspiration to the artists. The aim of the gallery is to showcase the amazing works of the various talented artists of Costa Rica but there is no restriction on the participation of international artists and many have even joined the gallery and exhibit their art work here. The artwork that is put up in the gallery varies from paintings to sculptures to photography and to bring about a change, there is a different theme, art form and a specific artist for every other day that attracts people even more. The gallery organizes different shows every two or three months and the opening ceremony is always open to all public so that they can enjoy live music, savor the delicious treats from local chefs and meet the artists to get to know them better.


Address: Plaza Solar, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica



Phone: (+506) 2640-0537 | (+506) 8855-2628