Music at its Best


Music is what the surrounds the lives of Ticos in Costa Rica. It’s here, there and everywhere. The Rican calendar gets stormed by musical events all year round. One such amazing event takes place every year in mid-February. This one is known as “The Best Festival”.

Organized by the “Best Time Ever Presents” the event is located at a spellbinding venue of Costa Ballena, the kind that becomes the reason for the turnout. It is a 2000 acre farm that is attractively sandwiched between the tropical mountainous jungles packed with fascinating wildlife and the sun kissed shores of Costa Rican sea. The stage for the festival is laid at some distance from the coast towards the greenery making it appear like a stairway to musical heaven.

The Best Festival brings together musicians from all around the world including United States. It is a two day event that offers all sorts of music from genres like alternative, hip hop, reggae, and funk, bluegrass, jazz and electronic. It easily invites the attention of all the music fans around. The lineup is another major attraction for the big event. The festival of 2013 included artists and bands like The Werks, The Pimps of Joytime, Van Ghost, Ojo de Buey, Cocofunka, The Color Noise, Ben Fagan, Jamisun, McKenzie Eddy, Florian Droids, Fusion Funk San Jose, INFIBEAT, Chris Gelbuda, Pierre Monney, Savi Fernandez, Social Club and Ale y la Suite Estéreo.


The music provides for its visitors an unforgettable experience. And if that is not enough the beautiful place of Costa Ballena offers all kinds of adventure activities to venture and brilliant spots to hang out. It partners with activity houses for diving, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and dolphin and whale shows for people who love sea life. It also offers zip lines and mangrove, waterfall and jungle tours which are one of the best in Costa Rica. And those who need to relax after hours of partying; Costa Ballena has the just right sun kissed beaches with cerulean tides to enjoy a book while getting a perfect tan line.

The organizing team recently upgraded its accommodation plans and made them better and easier to choose from. Now they have classified the lodgings into five levels.

–          The Groupie Level: is for the visitors who come by with a limited budget and look for a nomad yet a comfortable stay.

–          The Roadie Level: Better than the groupie level, for people with a better budget.

–          The Rock Star Level: providing superlative housings.

–          The Super Star Level: For the living superstars. Those who love to live larger than life and want the absolute best of everything while they are there for the festival.

–          Rental Homes: These are offered to visitors that attend the festivals as groups and want complete privacy.

Apart from all the fun, the Best Festival has succeeded in raising a great amount of money through their events for wonderful charitable foundations of Costa Rica. They support Escuela Verde; an institute that educates unprivileged children, a non-profit organization called ASANA that works on preserving endangered wildlife by building jungle corridors for faunae to migrate easily and the crew of Community Carbon Trees which encourages and does plantation and reforestation in different regions of Costa Rica.

Indeed, this festival besides providing great time for its people by its music plays a greater role in helping the non-profit trusts with its generation. Make sure to attend this great event in Costa Ballena this vacation.