Cali Rivera

1150604076558_406X600Cali Rivera is an extraordinary artist born in Costa Rica, in the year 1969. When he was a little child, he was inspired by music and instruments that produced sound. He had some musical skills too but art was his true passion that gradually developed with time. The different shades, forms and styles of colors truly made him wonder what he could create by mixing together different sorts of colors. Cali Rivera studied two different fields that were not directly connected to fine arts: communication and architecture. Although his major subjects were these, yet he participated in many major events related to fine arts. This encouraged him to think about arts as a profession and take it as his career. He even organized some events related to fine arts. He was an expert regarding this skill. His still life paintings were appreciated and loved by all. At a festival OTI in 1989, Rivera was ranked as one of the best artists for his still life painting among other 266 participants. This was quite an achievement for him at that time.


After this massive appreciation, he decided to stay in Los Angeles for a while and enjoy his life. During this time he acted in several movies as side characters and soon after that returned to Costa Rica. The time went on and he decided to have his very own art exhibition on which he worked tremendously. This art exhibition was held in 1993 at a bar called Tarvern bar. This exhibition was so successful that he was invited to a major event taking place in Costa Rica; The First Annual Art and Cultural Event Costa Rica. After getting invited to this huge event, he took his first step into this career. In 1994, he decided to study arts and oil painting which he did and started working on it. Further, he explored the world by traveling to Europe for a long while. Then he returned to his homeland in 1996 and started working on his second exhibition. This exhibition focused on what he had seen all over the world during his tours and apparently people loved his second exhibition too. In the following years, he studied and learned more and more about what nature had to offer to inspire him. He started working on elements and the blending of their colors as well. His milestone in life was achieved when his work was recognized for conveying the message of tolerance and believing in the sacredness of our planet. More success followed when in 2000, he opened his own studio for the artists to meet, interact and learn from each other. The next exhibition that he did in his own studio drew a lot more attention to his work from far off states. His third exhibition displayed the hidden “musical” aspects of his life that people were not aware of. There was no stopping Rivera after that. He has worked tremendously hard for getting this much deserved attention and appreciation, which he has now earned.




Phone number: (506) 22 78 35 94