Caricaco Music Festival


Over the years, music festivals have become a definite part of Costa Rican culture. People keep anticipating different fests that occur almost every month in a various locations across the country. Each festival is unique and has a completely distinctive vibe to it. These festivals attract over a thousand visitors nationally and internationally and play a vital role in upbringing the economy of the state.

The true essence of all the events is to celebrate music and give its listeners the time of their lives and this is something that has been achieved by the Caricaco Music Festival every year since 2009.


Organized every year at the Hotel Tierra Magnifica, this celebration brings together everything that is required to make a musical event memorable. It couples the experience of a vacation at an exotic beach with the joy of having friends together surrounded by the finest live music. The breathtaking view of the sun kissed seaside lining the high mountains and low lands of Nosara make the stay truly worth a while and it keep its people come back for more of it.

In fact, the name of festival ‘Caricaco’ is itself inspired by the crustaceans, the life form that owns every beach in the world. The name symbolizes the serene usual life of these shell fish as they roam about the sandy shores and azure waves with no care of the world. It enthuses the person to live a little like that while they are there for the festival, forget all the problems and experience the true physical and mental bliss.


The first one of the Caricaco Music Fests took place on January 31st 2009 at the Hotel Tierra Magnifica and attracted over 350 people. It had performances by the renowned artists and bands like Kurt Dyer, The Milixia, Jippo and Phillip the Antman. The tradition was made when the festival was organized again on April 24th 2010. The crowd doubled and was thoroughly entertained by performances from the locals Jen Stone and Hank the Pirate. Also, it invited bands from San Jose like Canalla, Cocofunka, Knives and Mumble Riot who entranced the audience completely.

fire 2

The third edition was held on March 19th, 2011 which got bigger and even better bringing out a huge crowd and lining up international stars, the Most Holy Snorkels who came all the way from Mexico. The Mumble Riot, Knives returned to the fest and Jippo Sleepwalker rocked the stage profoundly for the very first time.

The year 2012 brought the fourth edition of the annual Caricaco Music Fest. Planned of the same venue this time round the lineup consisted of international, national and local bands. The local band Calle, took the night away with their amazing ska performances and left the crowd utterly fascinated.


Apart from the great music, the feature that makes this festival unique and fantastic is its ambiance. The Hotel Tierra Magnifica displays an outstanding display of flamboyant and sexy lighting patterns that brightens the stage, the boundaries, pool and the eating spots. This mind-altering and psychedelic setup of lights makes the atmosphere surreal. The festival also offers great accommodations and fantastic food options to enjoy on the trip. And to cap it all off the showcase of fireworks that ends the festival is indeed magical.


Be sure to attend this amazing musical evening when you visit Costa Rica next!