Casem Coop Art Gallery



Casem coop, situated at the heart of Monteverde, is a non-profit organization dedicated solely to the purpose of improving the social well-being of the women of the area. The organization has a store and a workshop where locally produced handicrafts such as clothes, handbags, jewelry, decorative wall hangings, ceramics, toys and wood carvings, are put on display for sale. The money that is earned is directly donated to the local families of the area to reduce poverty and improve economic conditions. The organization was initially a part of another non-profit organization but later was separated and made independent. It was established by a group of eight women artists in 1982. The organization now aims at reducing unemployment by recruiting local women and giving them a chance to learn different techniques of the various forms of arts and crafts. The income generated from the sale of crafts is divided; 65% is given to the artists while the remaining 35% is invested in the workshops and educational programs for the local people. Also all the articles produced are made from local raw materials.

Shop timings: Mon-Sat 8am-5pm and Sundays 10am-4pm

Phone: 2645-5190

Fax: 2645-5898