Criminology Museum

There are plenty of amazing sights that await your visit in Costa Rica which range from gorgeous silver beaches and cascading waterfalls to fun shopping centers, colorful art galleries and mystical museums. On your tropical vacation, a trip to the Criminology Museum of Costa Rica may not be your first choice but if you are in for an uncommon adventure with a macabre touch, then you must have a look. Criminology Museum is an incredible place to witness the enthralling history of crimes that took place in the country ages ago. The bleak yet fascinating museum is located on 2 1/2 blocks of south Calle 17 in downtown San Jose. On this block you will find a large building by the name of Court Administration. The museum is located on its second floor of Judicial Investigation Organization in the avenue 6 and 8. Please keep in mind that Criminology Museum is certainly not suitable for faint hearted people. There are plenty of gory exhibits, bizarre objects, and intriguing but gruesome graphic images and videos that also include body parts! The place is alright for people with brave stomachs who can digest such strong knowledge, because not everyone will be able to appreciate it, and some even might find the collection repulsive and offensive. The museum thoroughly describes the chronicles of law enforcement and crimes of Costa Rica. Visitors will find amazing information, articles, documents, videos, pictures, forums, maps, interesting weapons, and lots more. If you are looking for specific information, you are welcome to browse the menus and sections. Due to its formidable content, the museum is not very popular among the tourists and locals; however, for those who are really into criminology or want to check it out just out of curiosity, they will find the museum a truly compelling place. Whether you like it or not, you will definitely have a tremendous experience.
Contact and Visit Criminology Museum
Location: Second Floor, Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), Avenues 6-8, South on Calle 17, San José, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 506/295-3850
Type: Museum
Admission Fee: Free of Charge.