Dierdre Hyde

deirdre hydeDeirdre Hyde is a marvelous Costa Rican artist born in 1953 in Somerset, England. Since her childhood she had an interest in fine arts which she pursued and studied. She did her bachelorette program from the University of Reading in Fine Arts in the year 1975 and received her certificate of education in 1977. She has been working in the field of fine arts since thirty five years now. She has been a student of some very famous artists like John Hoyland, David Hockney, Terry Frost and Martin Froy. Her art work is an inspiration from the miraculous artists of this field including Ray Atkins, John Wonnacott and Frank Auerbach. When she was young and in her twenties, she got inspired by some of the artists who focused on adventurous works relating to the nature. It was at that time that she decided to create art out of nature which she thought of as true beauty. She is not only known for her artwork, she is also the interpretation consultant for WWF. Being an amazing consultant, she has travelled all over Africa and America for business purposes. She is recognized in Norway and Brazil, where her work is published in magazines and preserved in the art galleries and museums. She has produced magnificent paintings and drawings which have an outstanding expression of the elements of nature that she saw and admired during her business tours. These adventurous paintings never seem emotionless; she always manages to bring something sentimental through these paintings. Some of her paintings even have the Greek influences in them. She even made urban street paintings and some were also of sculptures. Each one of her works has a naturally beautiful aura to it that envelops its audiences at the first glance.


Website: http://www.deirdrehyde.com/index.php

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Phone number: (506) 8829-6947