The famous quote ‘music is my life line’ can always be applied to any Costa Rican that comes your way. These people love to party, dance and sing aloud. They know their music and know how to set a mood to a party with it. Such love for music is what makes Costa Rica, a home to numerous appraised and known musicians.

Among the several bands that originated from Costa Rica, the one band that has made it BIG around the world is Editus.

Three famous and highly talented individuals make up the band and they are Ricardo Ramírez; the violinist, Carlos Vargas; the percussionist and the guitarist Edín Solís. The guitarist and the percussionist are both the former students of the University of Costa Rica who graduated in music while the Carlos graduated from the Conservatorio Castella. All of them own an impressive resume in music that claims their being an asset to all the big names that they have been associated with and worked with before coming together as Editus. The trio is usually complemented by the famous singer – Ruben Blades, the skilled bassist – Marco Navarro and Walter Flores on keyboards.


The compositions of Editus imbibe the essence of true Costa Rican music. Their songs are a fusion of modern music with the customary jazz, classics and new age. Such beautiful and adored music led them to grab three Grammys which made them the only band in the history of Costa Rica to do so.

Editus marked their arrival in 1994 by releasing their first album Ilusiones. This was followed by ten more albums including their latest one released in 2009 called 360. Every album is unique in its own way. Some have song collaborations with and composers her musicians along with their own. The ever famous albums Siempre Volume 1 and 2 consists of collection of great songs penned down by legends like John Lennon and Christopher Cross. Some entail the best classical music in the world. One of their exclusive works has been their album ‘Poetica’ that is a collection of beautiful poems by Tico authors that after been read by a famous actress Haydee de Lev are then musicalized and executed by Editus.

Their albums include Ilusiones (1994), Siempre Vol. I (1995), Inéditus (1996), Dibujando Memorias (1997), Calle del Viento (1998), De cada uno (2001), Poética (2002), Siempre Vol. II (2003), Lo mas “ New Age” (2004), Editus Clásico (2005) and 360 (2009).

Touring remains the most joyful experience for the band and their fans. Editus’ fans love the live musical magic they produce and the trio has been around thirty states and many universities around the world. They have moved the audiences at places like the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C, The Olimpia in Paris, The Montreux Festival in Switzerland, New York’s Carnegie Hall, Plaza de Zocalo and the Auditorio Nacional at Mexico City.

Over their musical voyage they have shared the stage and worked with renowned stars like León Gieco, Tania Libertad, Aterciopelados, Pedro Aznar, Danilo Pérez, Rubén Blades and Armando Manzanero.

Editus has been showered with multiple awards. Their biggest achievement has been their three time win at the Grammys in 2000 for Best Latin Pop Presentation for the song called Tiempos with Ruben Blade. They also grabbed the Grammys for their album ‘Mundo’ in Best World Music Album and Best Contemporary Album categories. ACAM also pronounced them as ‘The Group with Best International Projection’. La Republica (newspaper) called them the ‘Personality of the Year’ while the TELETICA declared them ‘Artist of the Year 2000’.

With such great work till date, Editus holds a very promising future. Surely, it is all set to make the Costa Rican name proud.