Elizabeth Steinvorth

Elizabeth Steinvorth, a Costa Rican artist and decorator, has become a shining star in the world of colors and is known for her experimental nature that she shows in her paintings. She has this amazing ability to transform simple, useless objects into beautiful pieces of art. From objects like paper and pigments, Elizabeth can make colorful flowers and blossoms. With glass fragments, she can make fine painted windows of stained glass. With infinite bold colors she makes paintings that signify strength, energy and lushness and with softer subtler colors, paintings that soothe the heart and comfort the soul. Her favorite theme in watercolors is fresh and vibrant flowers that evoke a sense of pleasant belonging and give birth to comfortable, soft and positive feelings. This wonderful artist also experiments with ceramics and like all other experiments; this one also produces wondrous results which include a vast range of pottery items like plates, tables, and cups, dishes, pieces of art that almost every household uses for decoration and much more from which painting tiles is her favorite project. Along with ceramics and watercolors, Elizabeth Steinvorth is also known for her silk paintings which consist of various intriguing themes painted on delicate silks.

watercolor painting

“Painting with watercolors is an entirely different and difficult experience and the more I paint the more I want to continue painting. Each new painting is a pleasurable challenge for me that I joyously accept because I love to play with colors and surprise myself and my fans with the results. . There is always room for improvement because perfection itself is not perfection and there will always be more to learn for me”, says Elizabeth Steinvorth.



Website: http://www.edenia.com/artwork/

Email: elistein@sol.rasca.co.cr