Festival Imperial


When the sparkle of music festivals like Palmares, Zapote, Envision and Puntarenas fades away, The Festival Imperial lights up the Costa Rican region and claims all glory. The Festival Imperial is one mighty festival that has succeeded in becoming the most anticipated, most organized and the BIGGEST of the music carnival that is hosted in the country.

The titanic of all music events, this festival is organized by the Cerveceria, Costa Rica and sponsored by the renowned beer company: Imperial since 2006.

The first one of the three festivals took place in April 2006 where the standard bar of music festivity was taken to a whole new level by bringing superstars like Sting, Jamiroquai, Diego Torres and The Rasmus to Costa Rican land. The bar was raised even more when in April 2008 Festival Imperial staged Duran Duran, Incubus and Smashing Pumpkins.


The gap in the event came when the festival had to be taken down due to the contagious viral condition and the financial crises that engulfed the expanse and the world. However in December 2011, the organizers rolled up their sleeves yet again and hosted one blockbuster event on March 24th and 25th 2012. The racetrack of Autodromo La Guacima was once again transformed into the music mecca and over a million pilgrims gathered from all over the world.

The level the festival took in 2012 outclassed all music fiestas of the world. It peaked in terms of its lineup, its organization, the diversity of music genres and number of performances. As opposed to one or two stages settled in the former events, this time there were three. One of them was solely for the electronic music and it adorned popular DJs from all over. The number of acts scored up from ten to thirty and it offered every sort of music like alternative and indie, apart from rock that was previously made the main focus.


The organizers this time aimed for the sky. They wanted the crowd to think and move out of the box. They intended on taking people on the journey of developing and modern music, the new styles and make them experience something out of the world.


This objective made them join hands with a company called C3 Presents that are known to pull off events like Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits Music Festival. Hence, they Festival Imperial came down with a line up so incredible that led to the pre-sale of the 1000, two day passes that were all gone in six hours and the organizers had to dispatch more that were too sold out in less than 2 hours. A record achieved.

The lineup had international rock stars like MAROON 5, the prominent party rockers LMFAO, the diva BJORK among others such as MOBY, Thievery Corporation, The Flaming Lips, Skrillex, TV on the Radio, Cage the Elephant, Bonobo, Manchester Orchestra and Major Lazer.

The two day event was scheduled to start at noon and go till the midnight. The prices for tickets were 55,000 colones for both days and 35,000 colones for one day. The security was kept high at all times of the day and the parking space was made available for private cars. The city also gave away scheduled public buses to make it easier for over 30,000 people to get to the venue every day.

Undoubtedly, The Festival Imperial is the King of all Music Fiestas and is once again been looked forward for its fourth edition.


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