Francisco Amighetti

acuarela2_bFrancisco Amighetti, one of the most famous Costa Rican artists, was born on 1st June, 1907, in San Jose, Costa Rica.

  • In 1924 he graduated as a bachelor from a public school of Costa Rica.
  • In 1926 he entered the Academy of Fine Arts as a student and his artwork was so liked that some of his paintings even got published.
  • In 1929 he married another artist Emilia Prieto and became the father of two beautiful sons.
  • From 1931-39 he participated in several contests and group shows such as the annual exhibition of Visual Arts in San Jose,Costa Rica, and almost always won the first prize.
  • In 1940 he was appointed as the Professor of drawing in a public school of Costa Rica.
  • In 1944 he got a job at the University of Costa Rica as the professor of Art Histor


oleo8_bIn his lifetime, Francisco wrote three books; Francisco and Roads, Francisco in Costa Rica and a book of his collection of poetry.