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AguaVista – Montezuma beach town rentals with ocean views – St Teresa Villa/Hotel with pool
Bahi Rica – Paquera area eco-lodge specializing in kayak tours etc

Costa Rica offers some of the preferred beach locations across the world together with 25% of its total landmass spent in biological parks, it’s also one of the greenest nations in the worldwide. This is why Costa Rica will make it to the list of leading travel destinations. Due to Costa Rica’s close proximity to numerous bodies of water, the country is an excellent stopping point for various cruise lines transporting throngs of excited travelers.

Casa Divina – Vacation rentalnear toMontezuma – Casa Zen near the beaches and specializing in yoga retreats

From magnificent scenery, pure beauty, warm and friendly people, and a choice of enjoyable things to do, Costa Rica is a destination to be felt and not only seen. Drop by La Fortuna, a very small area close to the bottom of the volcano to catch a look at the awesome fireworks show. Also, located at the beautiful Osa Peninsula, the Corcovado National Park has been recognized as one of the most natural sites on earth. For those who are more exciting, there’s a night tour about the exciting bugs as well as other creepy crawlies in the area. – Weather reports for the beautiful country of Costa Rica – Travel etc for the St Teresa areas of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula – Santa Teresa surfing and surf camps for Costa Rica

Costa Ricaboasts a comprehensive selection of hotels, which offer clients with great freedom when arranging their trip. Regardless of the type of accommodation you look for, the country offers hotels to match every spending plan, group size, and destination type. If you’re looking for relaxing and private accommodation, rooms and villas could be a fantastic option. There are also Bed and Breakfast hotels that have cozy lounge ideal for reading, surfing the net or doing nothing. In the morning, visitors can take advantage of a complete and delightful breakfast before starting a full day of excitement and adventure.

A surfer’s paradise, Costa Rica is a top surfing destination for some time now. And though a number of the surfer beaches maybe difficult to get to, due to poor road problems, they are definitely worth the trip as the waves there are good all year round. Some splits like Pavones have the longest rides in the world and is worth the long trek to be there. Some comfortable accommodations offer regularly instructed yoga classes with resident trainers, and two healthy, mostly vegetarian meals everyday. A simple, local fare meal is available as well. Costa Rica is a good destination to do Yoga if you’re looking to get a refuge from the chaos and negativity, both bodily and mental. – Don Jons hostel in the middle of Santa Teresa – Montezuma Area school/escuela for grades 1-12 with a green vibe – Quality Santa Teresa lodge

A Costa Rica journey will give you water fall breakthroughs, wildlife, rich tropical rain forests, and great beach locations. Not just this, a Costa Rica Caribbean travel promises a pleasing environment in every region of the country you decide to see! – Good Santa Teresa and Malpais Hostel for adventurers in amazing Costa Rica
La Escuela del Sol – Montezuma Area school offering spanish classes, yoga, and surfing – Downtown Montezuma hotel near the beach

There are a number of selections regarding transportation within Costa Rica. For one to three people, taxi is usually a practical and practical option to travel. However, depending on number of individuals, private transport provides a better price for every person with a more manageable schedule of departure. The Costa Rica Shuttle Bus provides hassle-free transportation methods to travelers within Costa Rica. For those who’ve special ideas about itineraries, a rental car is the perfect selection tailored for those who do not want to fulfill some travel plans. – Downtown Montezuma hotel near the beach – B&B with butterfly gardens in Montezuma, Costa Rica – Surf center with operatons in the town of Montezuma

Referred to as the Land of Peace, Costa Rica is considered the most ancient constitutional government in Latin America having 100 years of political balance. The seas are fantastic, the natural elegance is spectacular and also the slow acceleration is contagious. It carries many of the essential elements of a great vacation. Not suprisingly, thousands and thousands of vacationers make Costa Rica their main vacation choice. The nation’s weather is simply split into two primary seasons: rainy and dry. It is exciting to know that most of the most frigid temperatures are recorded during the beginning of the dry season or “summer”. Weather is, needless to say, a complex event, and there are actually many elements of the weather in Costa Rica which are really worth evaluating in depth, such as the impacts of rain, wind, and topography. Nevertheless, throughout the rainy season, also referred to as the “green season”, which is in April through November, you can find more affordable rates.

From breathtaking scenery, pure beauty, warm and friendly people, and a choice of thrilling activities to do, Costa Rica is really a vacation to be experienced and not only seen. Drop by La Fortuna, a very small area close to the bottom of the volcano to catch a look at the spectacular fireworks show. The excellent tropical rain forests and the pure splendor of the Osa Peninsula makes this location one of the magnificent places in Costa Rica. For the more exciting, there is a night tour about the exciting bugs as well as other creepy crawlies within the vicinity. – Nicoya peninsula guide featuring general tourism info
Pura Sonica Santa Teresa – Internet radio channel based out of the beach town of Santa Teresa
Hotel Ranchos Itauna – Beautiful sandy beach lodging on Playa Carment, Santa Teresa

Accommodation in Costa Rica is never a difficulty if you will make early bookings. In case you are willing to settle in a place lower than the expensive of a hotel, there are many hostels in Costa Rica. Hostels are usually preferred by backpackers. The finest luxury vacation rentals are usually well furnished for teams from 2 to 20 guests. Many tourists consider these types of lodging as “just a place to settle in” as usually will be consumed in going to local sight-seeing options or even in water.

A surfer’s paradise, Costa Rica is a top surfing destination for quite some time now. Renowned and truly spectacular, the waves there are big along with the many reef breaks found along the coast, surfers here are set for hollow and fast rides. What’s more, thousands of visitors visit this beautiful and amazing place each year and among the activities they usually participate in yoga retreats. If you want to study in a wisdom school that incorporates the finest Eastern and Western traditions; then you might have just discovered your spiritual home in Costa Rica.

Romelia Wildlife Refuge – Animal protection project on the beaches near Montezuma, Costa Rica – Travel, wildlife, liveaboards, scuba information for Cocos Island, Isla de Coco in Costa Rica – Tours including canopy tour, surf lessons, and much more

Costa Rica can be the best destination for a great, remarkable family trip. The whole country is blessed with a group of beaches and coves. There’s no doubt you’ll experience an exciting vacation to this cheerful, secure and safe surrounding loaded with fun-based recreation for everybody.

Finding your way all over a new country can be challenging and also mind-boggling sometimes. For this reason, Costa Rica has numerous nationwide safe and comfortable shuttle services so you can simply sit and enjoy throughout the journey! For virtually all of the shuttle transport routes, there’s at least one stop-over during the excursion where vacationers can stretch, make use of the comfort rooms, and have a snack. Our daily shuttles pick you up at your hotel and take you to most prominent vacationer areas and attractions in Costa Rica. Just relax and relish the journey inside our secure and comfortable A/C buses. You’ll have the opportunity to see dolphins, whales, Manta Rays and other marine wildlife. They can also help you arrange transportation onward coming from Jacó to Manuel Antonio or San Jose or from Montezuma to Malpais, Santa Teresa or Tambor.

Zumatours – Montezuma Tours including ATV rentals, surf lessons, water taxi and more
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Medical and Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Dental Tourism? Who would want to combine a vacation to a beautiful tropical country like Costa Rica with having work done on your teeth? People that want to save so much money on dental procedures that their entire vacation pays for itself! Or, you could stay home in the US and pay 100% more than you would in Costa Rica! And, you will not by sacrificing any quality of dental professions or dental lab work. Costa Rica’s standards are among the world’s highest.

The most recent data from the government, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), indicates that medical tourism, dental and medical, in 2011 generated $338 million in Costa Rica by the visit of some 48,000 foreigners. Many of these are coming from Canada, where waiting for dental treatment can be up to 35 weeks or other medical operations. ICT’s goal for 2014 is to reach 100,000 health tourists, medical and dental.

So, take a free vacation! Yes, it might have to be long enough to cover an operation or some dental care, but its still better to recover in Costa Rica, the mountain climate having been voted some of the best in the world by National Geographic. Also, with two oceans on our sides, you’ll find some of the most pristine beaches in the world – what better places to relax and recover? Here are some suggested dental facilities: – Listings of Costa Rican dentists with reviews on procedures by patients. – Dentists specializing in dental implants, “all on four” with their own dental lab. – Dental Surgeon, computer guided implant surgery and cosmetic dentistry. – Find the right hotel for your stay in Costa Rica, an ICT approved travel agency.

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