Guanacaste Day


Every July 25th, the province of Guanacaste along with all the other Costa Ricans rejoices on The Annexation of Guanacaste Day. This day memorializes the event when the people of Guanacaste asked to join Costa Rica as their mother land back in 1824. This date has had a vital effect on the history of this region.


It was mistakenly believed that Guanacaste belonged to Nicaragua first. In 1823 several stated declared themselves independent including Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras. Out of these, only Costa Rica was the one that progressed and prospered with time and eventually became peaceful. The others however, became engulfed by the wars. The state of Guanacaste had always been close to Costa Rica, being similar in being one of the chief coffee exporters. So, when the moment came to decide who to merge borders with, the people of Guanacaste requested for Costa Rica. They had faith that by being a part of Costa Rica, they had a better chance to strive and develop a happier future. Thus, on 25th July 1824, Guanacaste officially became a part of Costa Rican land.


Every year the celebration hits off in true Costa Rican fashion. It is regarded as an achievement of social equality. The day is fun filled with parades, bull fights, folk dances, traditional music, cattle shows and great food. The streets get loaded with food vendors serving authentic Costa Rican food including tamales and grilled meat with tortillas. Live music performances and firework work their magic and leave the crowd spell bound. ‘Caballito Nicoyano’ and the ‘Punto Guanacasteco’, the most popular of the folk dances are performed by indigenous girls and the rest. The festivity goes on for a week and the day is pronounced an official holiday. The schools and offices remain closed giving friends and families a great opportunity to party all week.

The day is looked upon a day to be cherished. The Guanacastans are proud Costa Ricans and their slogan “De La Patria por Nuestro Voluntad” proves their pride. It means that the ‘part of the country my own choice’. Hence, the Guanacaste Day is an eminent day that evidences that the democracy is practiced and appreciated.


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