Hotel Playa Carmen


Hotel Playa Carmen, an intimate boutique hotel, is located in the coastal town of MalPais on the tip of Nicoya Peninsula in the Puntarenas province. Boasting all the necessary facilities and amenities, this big beach resort is set close to some of the famous beaches. This location is also renowned for warm waters, light sands, amazing landscapes and calm essence. If you love beach activities, you will find this place a Paradise. In the surrounding area you will find a variety of surf shops and restaurants. If you want to spend tranquil time and unwind whist enjoying the natural beauty of the Playa Malpais, you will find this place perfect.


In Hotel Playa Carmen you will find 28 rooms including all the facilities you need for enjoying complete comfort. You can choose from standard and deluxe rooms that are well furnished. Those rooms are featured with air conditioner, TV, DVD player, coffee maker, phone, mini bar, a safe deposit box and many other necessary amenities and facilities to ensure its guests enjoy complete comfort. Some rooms feature balconies that overlook stunning view o Pacific Ocean and also wonderful rich vegetation of the tropical forest.  Each of the room is well decorated in a high standard style and with modern finish, colored with soft pastel colors as well as also laid down with warm colored Italian floor tiles.


During your vacation at the Hotel Playa Carmen, you can enjoy a variety of activities in the surrounding area such as canopy tour, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, quad tours, waterfalls and can also enjoy exploring the best nightlife of the country.


activitiesBetween MalPais and Santa Teresa, Playa Carmen is considered as one of the safest beaches to learn surfing. In the surrounding area you will also find many other famous beaches ideal for learning surfing and developing surfing skill.

Fishing and Snorkeling:

If you love water activities, you can go for fishing and Snorkeling. You can choose either half day or full day sport fishing tour and enjoy catching Marlin, Sailfish, Roosterfish, Giant Tuna, Yellow-finned Tuna and many more. You can find a lot of fishes that dwell in the Mal Pais. You can also go for boat tour and enjoy snorkeling at Mal Pais.

Canopy Tour:

Adventure lovers can go for Canopy Tour and enjoy flying over 200 tree species. Near the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve, surrounded by rich tropical rainforest is an ideal location for enjoying Canopy Tour. There you can spot different species of wildlife and a variety of colorful birds. While walking through the treetops canopy, you will experience an amazing thrilling adventure and enjoy the tropical forest while the pacific Ocean underneath your feet. In the top of the impressive trees there are 8 platforms and the ride is about one kilometer long. The cables are made of steel and connect the platforms that are about 5 to 25 meters high. During this tour you will be guided by professional nature guides who will help you exploring the fascinating secrets lurking behind every corner.

Horseback Riding:

Nature lovers will love this activity as this allow to go around and explore the beauty of the surrounding area. You can enjoy horseback riding on the exotic beaches in the sunset and listening to the sound of the waves. You can enjoy this riding with your family or friends. By horseback riding you can go to the hills of Cabo Blanco Costa Rica and enjoy watching the natural beauty o the area. Any time of the day you can choose for horseback riding but it will be more enjoyable to go either early in the morning or late afternoon. At least two guides will guide you during this tour and will take you through the jungle, valleys and cross the rivers.

Night Life:

While staying at the Hotel Playa Carmen, you can visit the Cocoloco Bar and La Lora Amarilla that are famous bars in Mal Pais and there you can enjoy night life. There you can enjoy listening live reggage and DJ music at Monday night when many people gather there to enjoy some fun time with friends. In that bar you can enjoy drinking as well as enjoy watching the stars. You can have your food at the Las Olas Restaurant and Kika Restaurant. You can enjoy  trendiest hang out at the La Lora and enjoy Salsa dance on Saturday night with the local people.


Hotel Playa Carmen

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