Costa Rican Independence Day


Numerous countries have a history of gaining independence via wars and brutal negotiations. But, for Costa Rica it was an easy way out. It declared itself a liberated nation in 1821, getting itself detached from Spain. Following the rule of Mexicans and then the Federal Republic of Central America, Ticos finally became an independent country in 1838.


Costa Rican Independence Day is celebrated on 15th September. It is an annual affair that begins a night before. It commences with raising the national flag and includes events like the well-known lantern parade, parades by children from all the schools and performances by the people of communities. Indeed, it is the best holiday in Costa Rica celebrated with a lot of patriotism and glee.

The graph of progression that the Costa Ricans have shown is beyond phenomenal. It has achieved its right to be proud of itself when it comes to the promise to Eco-Tourism, a well-practiced and justified democracy without input from the army, equal educational rights and its endless efforts to become a carbon neutral country by year 2030. Without a doubt, this nation speaks louder viaits actions and has become an inspiration to all the other third world countries.


The Independence Day Celebration begins a night before 15th September, when everyone in the region bring out their beautiful homemade lanterns lit by candles called faroles. These faroles carried by children in pretty traditional attires represent the essence of liberation and sovereignty. This parade commemorates the incident from 1821 when people walked with such glowing lamps from the capitol of Central America to Costa Rica to unite people and work towards becoming independent.  This is today in acted by flaming a torch in Guatemala and passing it onwards from one place to another. At six in the evening all the lanterns are lit in every community and people patriotically voice together their national anthem and many songs of freedom. This is telecasted by all national television channels and is a worth watching moment.


The following day is declared as a national holiday with all the offices and schools closed. People start to pour into the streets at early hours and make way for the red and blue parades that move with the sound of traditional Costa Rican tunes. It has students, girls and boys dressed up in uniforms and rolling together, playing drums, singing and proudly upholding the Costa Rican flags. This show warms the heart and wets the eyes of every patriotic citizen, young and old. The route of the parade is decorated with flags and lanterns of the night before. The day goes into the night in a style that suits Costa Rica. There begins an endless party, with dancing, drinking and flirting.

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The event brings to its visitors genuine Costa Rican flavors to savor. Favorites include Arroz con pollo tamales which are actually chicken and rice, fried yucca, black beans, coleslaw and plantains. Desserts are equally important and they include rice pudding, coconut flan and tres leches that is a three milk cake. Also, great stress is paid to the level of security. The crowds are monitored all event long and checked for any commotion.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar on 15th September and be sure to attend the biggest nationalistic party of Costa Rica.