Insect Museum of the University of Costa Rica


In Costa Rica, boredom is out of the question as there are hundreds of activities that will keep the vacationers entertained. Museums make a big part of tourism and when one thinks of Costa Rican museums, The Museo de Insectos comes to mind. The Museo de Insectos (also known as The Insect Museum) is an Entomology museum. It is a part of Agro Alimentary Sciences Faculty at the University of Costa Rica in San Jose. For some bizarre reason, it is located in the basement of the university’s Music School. The museum was established in 1962 as a part of a research center by Alvaro Wille who later became the director of the museum. The showroom houses a large number of notable collections and is affiliated with numerous institutes all over the world. The center provides both locals and tourists an amazing chance to see different kinds of insects and their unusual lifestyles. There are more than one million species of insects in the museum which have been collected from different parts of the world for investigations and study purposes; and the number keeps increasing! Apart from foreign species, many insects have been discovered in Costa Rica itself! You will be astonished to know how many tiny organisms reside in the swamps and jungles of Costa Rica.

The insects are said to be the most successful living organisms and it is a fact that half of the species on Earth are arthropods. From enormous hairy tarantulas taking a stroll to buzzing bees busy collecting honey and from sleepy moths resting on the walls to wonderful butterflies fluttering about – there are trillions of insects present in all forms, sizes, shapes and colors. Although there are many people who are not exactly fond of multicolored creepy crawlies; a visit to the Insect Museum and they just might change their minds. The museum displays the little bugs in various aspects and gives them a chance observe the insects in different light. The exhibits at The Museo de Insectos are categorized according to the species, genus and order of the insects. The species include dragonflies, grasshoppers, beetles, flies, bees, butterflies, wasps, ants, moths, tarantulas and thousands of more. Due to popular demand, visitors can now take a tour of Leonel Oviedo Reserve, a protected tropical forest located nearby the museum. The interesting and educational eco tours allow the guests to appreciate the biodiversity of the country. The Museo de Insectos is open to the public only on weekdays. The timings are from 1:00 to 4:45 p.m. The museum is a tremendous experience for everyone, particularly for nature lovers. On your vacation to Costa Rica, if you happen to visit San Jose, don’t miss this great opportunity to check out the impressive range of tropical insects in The Museo de Insectos.
Contact and Visit Insect Museum of the University of Costa Rica

Location: Basement of the Faculty of Music, University of Costa Rica, San Jose.
Phone Number: (506 ) 207-5318
Hours of operation: Open on weekdays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Entrance Fees: Free