Jeannina Blanco

37882_1065725mThis very fine artist, Jeannina Blanco, was born in Costa Rica. Although she was born here, she moved to California and lived all her life there. Her reason for shifting to California was her interest in arts; she wanted to attend workshops of fine arts and painting there. These workshops were held at Newport Beach at Cannery Paints. Accompanying her was Marilyn Polliquin. Not long after shifting to California, she was revealed upon, the painful truth that she suffered from some sort of a disease in her brain and she will have to get her craniotomy done. After her treatment, she went to Scottsdale Artist School, Arizona, for further learning. Accompanying her was one of the finest artists in the world, Hedi Moran. After coming back, Blanco knew it was time to open her own studio and in 1998, she opened her studio in her desired place, Newport Beach, California. After this venture, she came back to Costa Rica in 2002 and started teaching there. Her beautiful work is displayed in these two countries. She joined an art club in New York which was called Salmagundi Club. She became a member in 2008 and has been exhibiting her work since then. This isn’t the only club she has been associated with, her name also runs along UNARVI and ACAV located in Costa Rica. Her wok is also published in magazines, for example, she got her work displayed in Orange County Edition of the Los Angeles Times. Furthermore, her work and her efforts have been published in the Artist’s Blue Book as well. Costa Rica seems full of Blanco. She is found all over in the magazines, newspapers and other publications. Talking about her different style in terms of art, she combines realism and impressionism with quite an expertise. Her work includes video documentary, photographs, paintings and drawings which have been recorded in over twenty countries of the world.




Phone number: +506 8707-6000