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La Salle Natural Sciences Museum is standing nearby the southwestern part of the Parque La Sabana in San Jose, Costa Rica. A visit to The Museo de Ciencias Naturales La Salle is worth the time. Known to hold the interest of its guests for many ages, the museum traces and marks the history of the nature of Earth through exhibiting impressive specimens. The museum was founded in the year of 1960 by a Spanish native, Brother Eduardo Fernandez Barcena. He was a professor at the former Colegio High School where now the museum La Salle stands. He and his partner, Gregory Litwin, collected endangered species of birds from all over the world including Costa Rica. The spectacular collections include an exotic range of pieces that are devoted to paleontology, archaeology and other fields. The museum is highly acknowledged due to its historical and scientific importance. The facility not only serves the entertainment and educational purposes but completely portrays the various types of natural specimens found in Latin America which range from zoology to mineralogy. There are over 65,000 exhibits out of which 55,000 are on permanent display. The collection of stuffed specimens displays models of a weird looking grouper fish, an enormous baula, a huge leather-back turtle as well as pickled fish, snakes and a lot more. An exhibit that people find most fascinating is a set of mounted butterflies of Blue Morpho family. Talking of fascinating, the exhibits of paleontology are enthralling. There is an enormous array of fossils and dinosaurs’ bones which will surely boggle your minds! After visitors have observed the museum and its amazing perspective of wildlife, they can take a stroll in the beautiful courtyard outside. The immaculate garden is fashioned beautifully with exquisite tropical plants and guests will find many sleepy turtles resting under the warm sun. The museum is open only on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. A trip to the scientific museum is a great experience for kids and adults alike.

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Location: Located on El Colegio La Salle, SouthwestSabanaMetropolitanPark, and San Jose.

Phone Number: (506) 232-1306