Museo de Arte Costarricense

The Costa Rican Art Museum1

Museo de Arte Costarricense (The Costa Rican Art Museum) is dedicated to the national arts heritage of Costa Rica. The museum displays two types of collections; one consists of Costa Rican works and the other one is for foreign artworks. The Costa Rican Art Museum preserves a collection of around six thousand pieces and works of celebrated artists of 19th and 20th century. The incredible assemblage includes paintings, wood carvings, sculptures, photographs and other installations related to different kinds of artistic expressions. One of the most appealing things about the museum is that the entrance is totally free of charge and people can spend as much time as they want to in the museum.

The museum holds the largest assemblage of Costa Rican art that include works from the 19th The Costa Rican Art Museumcentury as well. The works are expressed through various media and techniques ranging from watercolors, and drawings to print makings and photography. The objects have been collected over the course of many years and now the museum proudly displays over 1700 works of art by national artists. International collection began in 1984. There are hundreds of outstanding individual paintings and works of foreign artists. The unique trends range from abstracts, lyrical patterns, object art, neo-expressionism, minimalism, conceptual art, kinetic art to photo-realism. The art is labeled in both Spanish and English. The museum has a great program called Pieza Del Mes (Piece of the Month). The program was started by Museo de Arte Costarricense in order to enlighten the people with the important art works of the collection which due to certain limitations of space cannot be displayed permanently. During the one month period, the particular piece is featured and through various educational activities, its awareness is raised. The museum offers guided tours, dramatized tours, and allows volunteers to join the team if they are interested. Furthermore, Museo de Arte Costarricense conducts concerts and conferences in El Salon Dorado (The Gold Room). Moreover, along with permanent collections, the museum also features temporary exhibitions held in The Alternative Space Section in which the upcoming artists can easily participate.

The small but wonderful art museum is located in Parque La Sabana at the end of Paseo Colon, San Jose; the building that now holds hundreds of gorgeous art pieces used to be the first international airport of Costa Rica. The 30’s neoclassical style structure is itself an admirable art work. There are two levels in the foundation with an enormous park around it. The outdoor sculpture garden portrays an array of famous works by Francisco Zuniga, Max Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez Deredia, Edgar Zuniga, Jose Sancho and many others. Museo de Arte Costarricense is a perfect place for both kids and adults; kids will enjoy the extraordinary three-dimensional art objects and colorful compositions while the grown ups will have a fine time trying to interpret the hidden meanings fashioned into the canvases and pieces. After visitors have observed the exhibits, they can take a leisurely stroll in Parque La Sabana, a sublime park and have a refreshing drink.

Contact Museo de Arte Costarricense

Location: Parque Metropolitano de La Sabana, San Jose 1009, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 506-222-7155