Museo de Jade


The Museo de Jade was founded in 1977 by Fidel Tristan Castro, the first president of the INS. This is an archaeological museum in San Jose, Costa Rica. It is moved to spacious new digs on the west side of the Plaza de la Democracia in 2014. This museum boasts an extensive collection of pre-Columbian artifacts such as stone tables (metates), ceramics, ceremonial heads, adzes, and other decorative pieces from 500 BC to 800AD. The visitors will not only see a huge array of jade jewelry and artifacts at this museum but also will have some knowledge why the precious stone was revered in pre-Columbian times, and how it was used and traded. For 25 years it was situated exclusively on the 11th floor of the INS building and later moved to the first floor of the facility. There are only five rooms but each of the room is covered with various anthropological and and archaeological themes. 

What to See:

Baby_face_at_Jade_MuseumIf you want to experience the culture and history of Costa Rica, the Museo de Jade is an excellent way. While visiting the museum, you will can see the gold ceramic and stone objects that are all accompanied by graphics and Spanish textual explanations and also has English translations. From the graphics and translation you will be able to insight into the use of the objects and also about the historical context. If you watch the maps you will come to know about the importance of the jade and other materials in various regions throughout Costa Rican history. There are only five galleries in this small sized magazine that will allow you to explore within a hour but if you want to read many of the textual explanations it will take time. There are high quality of the art collection that reflects in the art work of some of the most famous artists of the country. Those art works While walking through the hallways of the museum, you will have a peaceful experience as the sound of a fountain can be heard from the main room. The dim lighting in the gallery rooms make the illuminated displays that much more intimate. You will find artifacts date from 500 B.C. to 800 A.D. and most of those are large pendants with human and animal figures that were parts of necklaces of the native people. When you will see those ornaments you will know how these people were able to successfully carve those extremely solid stone. There are also poly chrome terracotta vases (one of the vase incorporates real human teeth), bowls and figurines.

This museum does not only represent the Costa Rican culture but also provides its showrooms for the dissemination of the product of International artists such as  sample exhibits related to diverse subjects as history, science, technology and other issues related to human activity.


Museo de Jade
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Situated in the Western suburb of Rohrmoser, a few minutes West of La Sabana Park
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