Museum of Contemporary Art and Design

Museum of Contemporary Art and Design

Founded in 1994, The Museum of Contemporary Art and Design is a museum institution of Central America. It is situated at the at the National Cultural Centre (CENAC),headquarters of the Ministry of Culture and Youth. Located in an important historic area of downtown San Jose, in a complex of buildings, this museum is dedicated to disseminate and promote the latest trends and dynamics in Central America in the contemporary art and design. It also presents the links of the contemporary art an design with relatively similar trends in Latin America and Internationally. This museum is focused on showing the works of contemporary Costa Rican, Central American and South American artists and occasionally features temporary exhibits devoted to interior design, fashion and graphic art.


museum-collectionThe museum has a floor space of approximately 1200 square meters including  4 temporary exhibition rooms, an auditorium, and the Pila de la Melaza — an open-air space for performances installations, and other events. The temporary exhibition rooms has joined the main rooms of the museum and there internet exhibit some major works from the permanent collection of the Museum. In this museum, you will find a small area that has access to the museum’s Web site, a Documentation Centre, and a Video Library. The video Library features video-art, documentaries about exhibits and performances. The library include a collection of art books, art catalogs and contemporary design books that will help the visitors to have information about the museum and other instructions.

Permanent Collection:

The permanent collection of the museum consists more than 500 works of renowned or young national, regional and international artists. The art collection include painting, printmaking, drawing and sculpture to languages ​​such as photography, installation, object intervened or video. With this permanent collection the museum arranges exhibition each year.

Temporary Exhibitions:

Since its founding, the museum has arranged a lot of solo and group exhibitions, one of its main objectives exposing solid artistic and curatorial related aesthetic, cultural, social and political visions that affect Central America and the rest of the world . This museum also arranges temporary exhibitions with the contests and samples of video, digital art, emerging artists, etc. The temporary exhibitions are helpful for promoting the recent and risky tendencies within contemporary art and design in Central America and its relationship with international context.

Educational and Complementary Activities:

Museum of Contemporary Art and Design arranges guided tours, cycles of lectures and panel discussions on museum exhibitions and thematic general of art and culture. This also show International film series, video and other activities including music, video, performances and many more. This museum also provides ongoing consultation services to artists, scholars and the general public in the Documentation Centre and Videos.


Museum of Contemporary Art and Design
Phone: (506) 2257.7202 / (506) 2257.9370


San Jose. Old Liquor Factory, 3rd Avenue, between 15th and 17th street
Monday to Saturday 9:30am to 4:45pm. Closed Sunday
Entrance Fees:
Adults $3. Children free. Free Entrance for all on Monday.