National Orchid Show


The land of Costa Rica has been gifted with the most exotic and captivating natural beauty. People from all over the world come here to enjoy the splendor of diverse species of plants, wildlife and sea life. Bejeweled across the state, the striking assortment of orchids is one of the prime attractions of the country and along with all the regional shows of their display that continue all year round, the National Orchid Show in San Jose, Costa Rica is one upscale show that is always looked-for by the people.

Costa Rica proudly contains around 1300 known species of orchids, thus provides of all the reason to showcase this asset to the world. Organized by the Costa Rican Orchid Association (Asociacion Costarricense de Orquideas), this annual event gathers orchids and their cultivators from the country and puts up a show displaying more than 300 species of orchids.


In Costa Rica, the preservation law for protected areas enforces conservation of these species and strives to replenish the innate orchids in their natural habitat. It strictly forbids picking them from their true homes. Therefore, visitors are not allowed to pick these flowers on will but they are given a free treat to take as many pictures of these stunning lovelies they want.

National Orchid Show of Costa Rica is the biggest exhibition the country hosts annually. The event is preferred to be planned at the beginning of the rainy season as it triggers the growth of these flowers the most. Colors explode and the fragrances of these flowers awaken senses that you have never felt before. It brings together all the common and the rare orchids of every size, color and scent. It is truly an amazing experience to be within a garden surrounded by such captivating glory and it leaves the person fascinated by the range of scents every orchid radiates.

Guaria Morada Orchid (Cattleya skinneri) national flower, rainforest ecosystem, Costa Rica

The purple colored beauty, Cattleya Skinneri also known as Guaria Morada is crowned as the national flower of Costa Rica. The events displays this national orchid among many others with colors ranging from clear white, baby and hot pinks and the lovely lavenders. The organizers also give out the award for the ‘best orchid in the show’ based on the kind that has pleased its viewers the most by its unique color, shape and scent.

The event invites every age group and nature lover to the lovely gardens of San Jose. The day starts early at around 9am and goes till 7pm in the evening. Mostly hosted in the month of March, it’s usually a two day event that gives the visitors ample amount of time to explore every blossom there is. The entry ticket is around 2000 colones ($4 USD) for adults and 1000 colones ($2 USD) for children between 8 and 12 years. Many travel offices offer package deals for the visitors when the event is around the corner as well.

Apart from the National Orchid Show, various regional shows keep happening in the cities all year. Keep yourself updated by local newspapers. Also, if you find a private show pass coming your way, don’t make a mistake of passing it, since it is going to be worth experiencing. So, gear up for the National Orchid show this coming March and remember to charge the batteries of your cameras to full.