SKA-P in Costa Rica


Costa Rican fans of SKA-P rejoiced on the news when the band confirmed of its arrival and performance on March 20th 2013.

The Spanish band was formed by a group of friends in 1994 in Madrid. The name was inspired by the Spanish take on the words ‘escape’ and ‘punk’ and putting them together as SKA-P (pronounced es’kape). The band formed a genre called ska-punk, that mixed different sorts of music and appealed to a huge fan following nationally and internationally gradually with time.

SKA-P’s music came to be known as an anti-establishment variety. The lyrics are catchy and the tunes contagious. The compositions of SKA-P convey disapproval for capitalism, discrimination and non-conformity. The members are huge supporters of equality and justice and they are front runners in concerts and shows that support such causes. Their song “Cannabis” that backed up and guarded the validation of the said substance helped them on the road of fame in countries like Mexico, Spain and South America. Ultimately, the meaning and message of their music has led them to become one of the most famed bands in countries like Spain, Europe and Latin America.


After initial hardships, the band was able to win the hearts of many. One of their first songs to get recognized was an anthem for a soccer team ‘Como un rayo’. After certain replacements in the band, in 1996 they released their second album, El vals del obrero that became known for their song ‘Cannabis’. This led to their performance at the 9th Rock Festival at Valleka. The band began touring and in year 2000 they came up with the work that is still said to be their best, ‘Planeta Eskoria’. The music and lyrics then turned serious and SKA-P was acknowledged as an international band. Their 5th album ¡Que corra la voz released in 2002 and the group got to tour the world and spread their love for music. They played in places like Hungary, Belgium, Austria, Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

February 2005 brought a appalling surprise for the fans when the band decided to split and carry on the music independently. The last of their concerts was held at La Cubierta Stadium near Mexico in El Centro on 24th September of the same year where over 10,000 sad fans bid goodbye to their favorite band.

However fortunately, the split did not last endlessly. The band marked their reunion in April 2008 by releasing a single called Crimen Sollicitationis. Their new album, Lágrimas y Gozos (Tears and Joys) was then launched in October 2008 trailed by a short tour. Since then, there was no looking back. The band has covered leaps and bounds in their composition, modernizing music and concerts while keeping the real essence of SKA-P alive.

The band is scheduled to perform in Costa Rican on March 20, 2013 between 20:00 and 23:30 hours. Tickets for general admission are $27 and admission to SKA-P pit is worth $45.

Be sure to come and enjoy the taste of some anti-establishment music powered by SKA-P.



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