The Art of Doug Rhodes

The Art of Doug Rhodes1

Humans have numerous ways to communicate and express their feelings and messages, and art, with its many forms, is one of them. Join colors, shapes and abstracts with a rhythm on a plain sheet of paper and you have a beautiful piece of art. Doug Rhodes is an emerging artist who works mainly with acrylics with subtle touches of different media now and then. Rhodes combines reality and imagination to create a work that mostly outlines subjective matters such as humanity, nature, erotica, and human fantasies.

Doug Rhodes currently lives in San Francisco and works from his studio is in the Mission District on Clarion Alley. Clarion Alley is a The Art of Doug Rhodes2scenic place which is perfect for inspiration an artist requires. The studio is open from Thursday to Sunday in the afternoon when people can visit to appreciate and buy his illustrations. Rhodes also has a gallery located in a remote island of Costa Rica, Santa Teresa, about 200 meters north to La Lora. The gallery is called Inspiracion Galeria de Arte and it is one of very few art galleries situated in the tropical land. Doug Rhodes’ goal is to create art, express his views, and to host exhibitions, workshops, events and have ventures to represent his work. His viewers and fans find his style poetic, utopian with a realistic charm. Whether it is a painting of a humanoid flower or of a quixotic underwater creature, his style is superbly linked and depicts human nature and its haunting mysteries. Paintings such as Time Space Gap, Warhell, Frog Face Afternoon and Red Splash characterize Rhodes’ work. The fans can buy his original art pieces as well as their duplicates from both the gallery and studio in very reasonable rates. His prints on Masonite are available online in all sizes for only $20 that includes shipping and handling. If you wish to purchase multiple prints, you can contact Doug Rhodes on his website. On your vacation to Costa Rica, if you happen to be in Santa Teresa, make sure you stop by Inspiracion Galeria de Arte. You will be surprised by the creativity which is visible in each brush stroke.


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