The Magic World of Isidro Con Wong

the herdIsidro Con Wong was born in February 1931 in San Jose, Costa Rica. His parents were Chinese and had migrated from Guangdong province, Zhongshan, China. At a young age, his parents took him to visit Canton, the place of his origins, so that he could study about his ancestors and his culture. They then moved to Macao, Hong Kong, where Con Wong attended a Chinese school. During this time period Con Wong learnt how to speak and write Chinese, he got to know about his culture, background and traditions, which he later on used in his work. He was the third generation of his family in Costa Rica and he has based some of his artwork on what he remembers of his mother but it is mostly only seen and felt by Con Wong only, because it is neither prominent nor hidden. When Con Wong returned to Costa Rica, he shifted to Paquera, a place known for fisheries, livestock and agriculture, which is why almost all of his artwork is themed on these three things. He worked there as a shoemaker, farmer, fisher and industrial merchant (hiding his artistic expression inside his heart and soul) till the age of 40, according to the wishes of his father, then he moved to the country place and took the decision of pursuing art as a profession. He considered himself a born artist and so with the distinction of his personal style, he was quick in achieving a successful career in the field of art. His work is usually known as “the magical world of Isidro Con Wong”.


Con Wong took part in many group shows, exhibiting his work and earning recognition and admiration in USA, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela and several other countries. After that he started doing solo shows. Con Wong has also written a book which is known as his own biography, the book talks about a man who when he was young thought about colors, canvases, brushes, and everything related to art. It moves on with the story of his grandfather who moved to another state and settled there, followed by Wong’s life as a child and when nothing in his life was related to art and then how suddenly his life changed completely and he became a painter. He also talks about the different themes of his paintings and the reason he thought of them and put them on canvases. In the book he has put his life open for his fans to read and understand how the work of an artist is actually a depiction of his own personal life. It’s for all those people who believe art is all about magic, the stroke of the brush, the flow of the colors and the final result, the new creation that astonishes the world and stuns even the painter himself.





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