Luis Angel Castro






Over the years, Costa Rican culture of art, music and dance has enriched and influenced the lives of its people. It has become an essential fragment of their lifestyle and has inclined a thousand talented spirits to cultivate their gift of music and continue towards making their passion, their reason to be.

Luis Angel Castro, was among those striving artists who now have become a household name when it comes to Costa Rican music.

Born in 1958 in San Jose, the famous singer and author deviated from his college degree of Philosophy and began his career as a musician after graduation. Castro had been musical since the age of four when he started his music classes. By 18, he had completed high school and became a pro at vocals and guitars. He pursued studies at the School of Philosophy at the University of Costa Rica but soon after graduation his heart was set on the path of music. After his 21st birthday, Castro studied singing with Zoila Romero (a teacher from Chile) and started off as a composer and lyricist.


Then onwards, the young Castro’s journey as a musician began. Since then, he has achieved milestones one following the other with his music, performances and recordings. He has received countless awards for his work and is acknowledged among the most celebrated singers and composers of Costa Rica.

He started his own production label, the Walaba Productions in 1998. This led on to his many wins at award functions across the region. He has been to festivals in Mexico, Cuba, Central America, United States and Spain where he has signified Costa Rican music to the audience.

Among the honors, Castro has been awarded ‘Artist of Most International Projection’ for his composition Puerto Viejo in 2002 and the ‘Best Composer of the Year in the Infantile Category’ for ‘COCORI, KOTUMA AND THE YAQUI’ in 2001 by ACAM.

The Costa Rican star continues to strive, thrive and spread love with his music.