Ana Wein

cuadroInnovation is what the renowned Costa Rican artist Ana Wien is all about. She has always played with vibrant colors and textures to make her clothes unique and beautiful. She was born in Costa Rica and has always been inspired by the natural beauty of it. She has a unique style of combining elements of life whether real or imaginative. She plays with colors, dance forms and lights. She has won many awards for her exceptional works throughout her career. Ana Wien has a way with art as she knows how to combine the positivity inside a person with dance movements and display it on a canvas. One of her greatest achievements includes Honorary Mention in 2005, second runner up in the New York International Art festival in 2005, and many other awards for her solo exhibitions all over the world. She is particularly famous as an exceptional artist who knows what she has to present on a canvas. Throughout the years she has participated in many group exhibitions in which she has earned a great profit for what she has portrayed on her canvases. Very few artists have this ability to display exactly what they feel and how they perceive the world on their painting mediums and Ana Wien is certainly one of them. She lives her life with extreme positivity and pleasure and that is exactly what she portrays on her canvases.





Phone number:  (506) 2282 2805